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First of all, when you have the pistol round it is not essential to buy a good gun (or one you are good with). This is because if you lose the pistol round you earn a little for the next round. For winning the pistol round you get about $3500. So from the start you have the upper hand, which can lead to you winning overall. Another Tactic is to buy armor and your starter gun (such as Glock for terrorists and Usp for counter terrorists).

Armour can help you most of the time and if you are skilled you can kill someone with a better gun and pick up their gun.

e.g. First Round - Buy a Deagle, Or Buy armour and pick up a Deagle of one of your killed enemy.

Section 2


The first rule of a bomb map is to stick together. Have the one carrying the bomb; stay nearer to the end than the front so the bomber isn't taken out immediately. Sometimes let the bomber go a separate route from the rest of the team and have the rest of the team distract the opposing team.

Leading them to think the bomber may have slipped out through another route to the same site. VARY YOUR BOMBSITE. You don't want to be too predictable, do you?

e.g. de_dust2 try to have most of clan go through tunnels to B. Have bomber slip out and go short A. Vary from A & B and even middle routes.


Spread out between bombsites. Call as soon as a flash is thrown, or when you see someone. AND ALWAYS BUY A DEFUSAL KIT! It can be really frustrating when you lose a round due to forgetting to buy a defusal kit.

e.g. de_dust2 2 should go A, 1 middle and 2 to B. If the opposition goes to long A call it then the rest of team rushes.

Section 3

Hostage Maps (T)

Guard the hostages. Run the timer out for as long as you can. Make them do the first move. If you run out and the counter terrorists come out other way, this is bad. You will get $250 just for getting a hostage to follow you!

When playing on cs_office for example. It being a pistol round and having rescued the hostages your balance is $800 and at next round your score should be $10,000. If and when this might happen you as the terrorists will be at a serious disadvantage. You cannot afford them to give away money like this.

e.g. cs_office you should camp with hostages and almost force ct's 2 shoot hostages as they lose about $1000 for doing this. Guard all entrances to hostage area, No-one gets in, No hostages get out. They don't get $10,000 for doing so.

Hostage Maps (CT)

You should try and stick together and infiltrate one area with whole team to try and catch them off guard. Flash the area then "Go Go Go!" If at the end of the round talk to as many hostages as you can, this will get you more money. The money could be up to $150 more. This will give you enough for an m4 or a flash grenade.

The flash grenade will help when it comes to stopping the whole opposing team in its tracks. Or the $150 can be put towards Kevlar and helmet that will help with survival or that serious shot. It will be worth it in the long run or even to help distract your enemies. Don't camp in ct base because they will stay in their base and they will win because they did so.

e.g. cs_office try not to stay in the garage.

Section 4


Buy a variety of guns in practices just to see how it recoils. Shoot at a wall for a bit to see what direction it recoils in and move mouse (or in most cases) [scroll pad] in the direction that that particular gun recoils. Dual Elites recoil up.

e.g. By using Dual Elites shooting at a wall generally recoils in an upward fashion. This will help on maps such as dust2 by taking 3 people with them.


When you have wiped out an enemy and have about 13 bullets left in your clip, try not to reload straight away. When you reload another member will likely pop out and shoot you whilst you reload. Do as much damage as you can because you may weaken your enemy and make him an easy target for one of your fellow team-mates.

e.g. de_dust2's bombsite B. If an enemy comes through the tunnels and you kill him and you reload straight away another enemy is likely to come out straight after. Use what is left in your clip and then use your pistol. If you miss and your both still alive, use your knife, he might try to reload his ak-47 and your running up to him with a knife. He might be dead soon after that, although he might not. But at least you tried.


There should be on a 5 v 5 team.

1 awp'er ( MAYBE ) 1 person with the rifles that have optical zoom (aug and sg) ( MAYBE ) 1 shotgun'er the rest m4'ers or ak47'ers