How to fix CS Lags

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Counterstrike freezes while launching the game or during the middle of the gameplay in certain cases. You may have to take attention to the technical aspects responsible for the problem and accordingly resolve the issues causing the game to freeze or crash constantly.

1. Add RAM
2. Add a Graphics Card and Update its Drivers
3. Defragment your Registry
4. Free-Up the Disk Space
5. Scan the System with Good Antivirus
6. Control the Programs Running at Windows Startup


RAM refers to Random Access Memory. The performance of running game is depending on how much RAM your computer have. Adding more RAM may help fixing Counterstrike freeze. There is nothing much can be done if your computer specifications do not match with the specifications required to play the game without any errors. Remember that RAM is one of the most important specification that can highly influence the performance of game in any system.

Add a Graphics Card and Update its Drivers

If your computer doesn't have a graphics card, install it now. Then update all your drivers installed on the machine. This will help fixing Counterstrike freezes. Most computer users start gaming with their old/outdated graphics card and its drivers. This is a wrong approach. The modern games are quite demanding and want a resourceful computer.

Defragment your Windows Registry

Registry is used by Counterstrike to store information. Fragmentation in the registry leads to Counterstrike freezing. You have to defragment the Windows registry in order to solve this issue.

Download a System Utilities software that includes Registry Defragmenter feature.

Free-Up the Disk Space

Make sure that your computer has sufficient amount of free disk space to run Counterstrike properly. Delete temporary contents from your hard disk so as to fix Counterstrike freezes.

1. Click Start.
2. Click All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
3. Follow the steps on your screen.

Scan the System with Good Antivirus

For the possibility of viruses slowing down your machine, scan the whole system using a good antivirus software.

Control the Programs Running at Windows Startup

Make sure that only few and high priority programs are running at the Windows startup. By doing this, you will fix Counterstrike freezes.

1. Click Start.
2. Click Run.
3. Type MsConfig and press ENTER.
4. Click Startup and disable unwanted programs.
5. Click Apply | OK.

Highly Recommended

Cleaning and defragmenting the registry a good System/Registry clean up software is the secure way to fix Counterstrike freezes.